Weekend Road trip!

What a lovely weekend it was... we were just supposed to drive down to Vova and Tanya's wedding. But it all turned out more adventurous. We drove down Friday night. Stopped by beautiful fields (that some of us didnt even know existed in Florida) yep 301 is a beautiful drive. And if you keep driving past Ocala, thats where horse country is :) learned that when i was getting my license renewed. Plan to stop by there on our honeymoon.
Anyway, back to the road trip. Saturday morning we dressed up for the wedding and then went and picked up Serge from the airport. He flew in from Africa missions trip. He grew a beard and all! After we went to the wedding at the beautiful golf club place.
Sunday we went to church and drove up to Orlando. Did a little shopping and then stopped by their downtown (my first time there!). Its actually really nice. We really enjoyed it! Here's some pix from the weekend.

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