Lavendar Diffuser

Its kinda late tonight to post anything too exciting. I'm a little tired... have had a busy but a very productive day! 5 new design projects and an unfinished photo shoot. Hit some thrift stores with Natasha and took a dip at the pool with Vitaliy.
But back to the post... about the lavender diffuser. Right. So this year (I think its cuz of the unusual weather) I've been waking up or getting a lot of headaches. So last time when I went to get a massage, I told the massage therapist that I get a lot of headaches. He suggested I smell lavender. Apparently it breaks down some chemicals in your brain and releases the headache.. yeah something smart like that. So I went and got me one of those diffusers from Walmart for like $4. Put it on my nightstand and smell it while I sleep. And it works! Thank God for creating lavenders :)

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  1. Ha, I get headaches often too, I am going to try that. Thanks for sharing love!