Birthday Weekend

I had one of the most amazing birthdays ever!! Lyuda, Vitalina, Sanka, Lena and I drove up to New York Wednesday to Thursday night. First stop was Binghamton. We stayed the night at Inna's place and next day for my birthday she put a candle on my omelett :)
 and we then we drove to syracuse to do a little shopping... and found this beauty in H&M and Lyuda got it for my birthday :)
and then we drove to Utica and stopped by a garage sale on the way and picked up this typewriter for free!!! It just needs a little cleaning..
 and then in Utica Lyuda tried setting up a surprise for me and lets just say... she failed ;) lol I caught on.. anyway the "surprise" was that Valik came that night to Utica. And it was nice.. but not a surprise :)

The next day everyone went to the wedding but me and Valik hung out in Utica and then Syracuse..

and Sunday we drove to New York City!! Went to Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, did more shopping in Brooklyn tried to go see the statue (but it was foggy) and then went to Manhattan and took a nap lol :) yep!!
But we did see this!!

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  1. I have that exact dress but in purple.. I bought it for a wedding that I had in TN. I haven't worn it yet so maybe I will wear it to your wedding.. one of your colors is purple.. hhmm... :)