You've got mail!

I do love getting mail. And this month I've been blessed with a few. (maybe cuz it was my birthday this month) But I thought I'd share my joy!! Yesterday I also got my passport :D yay!! Now I can travel all over the world!! I'm pumped!



I stopped by Alla's cafe today and noticed she hung up my frames already. (I let her borrow them till the wedding) So I took a few pix of them and then Abby took a few pictures of us :)



Who doesnt like ruffles? I think every girl should.. they're like the girliest thing out there.. and the cutest things are made of ruffles.. by adding a ruffly thing to a room just changes everything.. I admit.. I love ruffles too.


Queen Anne

So I found this cool couch at one of the thrift stores. And I'm debating whether to get it because it needs to be reupholstered and reupholstering costs A LOT!!! So I'm thinking of still getting it and trying to reupholster it ourselves. And this couch has opened up a whole new world for me... I discovered I really like this style.. and guess what the style is called. QUEEN ANNE!! Yeah how cool is that :) I was pumped when I typed "Queen Anne" in ebay and a bunch of stuff that I like came up. Here's some of the stuff. Yeah some stuff I would redo.. but still some looks really cool originally..


Lavendar Diffuser

Its kinda late tonight to post anything too exciting. I'm a little tired... have had a busy but a very productive day! 5 new design projects and an unfinished photo shoot. Hit some thrift stores with Natasha and took a dip at the pool with Vitaliy.
But back to the post... about the lavender diffuser. Right. So this year (I think its cuz of the unusual weather) I've been waking up or getting a lot of headaches. So last time when I went to get a massage, I told the massage therapist that I get a lot of headaches. He suggested I smell lavender. Apparently it breaks down some chemicals in your brain and releases the headache.. yeah something smart like that. So I went and got me one of those diffusers from Walmart for like $4. Put it on my nightstand and smell it while I sleep. And it works! Thank God for creating lavenders :)


Love Songs

So I'm going through a love song phase. Trying to remember all the love songs I can think of. And so far I got quiet a few. You can suggest more if you know of more.



Wedding Dishes

The dishes are here!! Thanks to Irina for finding them on ebay and thanks to Zarie for picking them up and delivering them to Natasha's dad (truck driver) who got them safely here. :) Now we can eat dinner at the reception...


Beautiful Evening.

I spent the evening biking on my cruiser and got to see this gorgeous sunset while talking to Valik :)
Yes! Jesus loves us!

Weekend Road trip!

What a lovely weekend it was... we were just supposed to drive down to Vova and Tanya's wedding. But it all turned out more adventurous. We drove down Friday night. Stopped by beautiful fields (that some of us didnt even know existed in Florida) yep 301 is a beautiful drive. And if you keep driving past Ocala, thats where horse country is :) learned that when i was getting my license renewed. Plan to stop by there on our honeymoon.
Anyway, back to the road trip. Saturday morning we dressed up for the wedding and then went and picked up Serge from the airport. He flew in from Africa missions trip. He grew a beard and all! After we went to the wedding at the beautiful golf club place.
Sunday we went to church and drove up to Orlando. Did a little shopping and then stopped by their downtown (my first time there!). Its actually really nice. We really enjoyed it! Here's some pix from the weekend.


Engagement Pictures!!!

Engagement pictures have arrived!!! Text me for the link to see them :)
Here's a preview..


Gel Polish

Yesterday I finally trimmed my nails after getting them done 4 weeks ago!!
Yeah.. Something I would recommend for everyone who likes to get their nails done or plans to get them done and wants them to last.
I got acrylics for our engagement weekend and after a week they started peeling off.. (probably because I asked them to do them really thin) Well the beauty of gel polish is that its already thin and looks a lot more natural and lasts a lot longer and when it grows out its not that noticeable and its always shiny doesn't go dull and they dont scrape your nail bed and Valik liked them ALOT!! :) ... Highly highly recommend it!! Oh and its a lot cheaper too! I paid $20 for french. Below are not my nails.. just a picture i found online for this post.. :)


I love white!!

I love white dishes, white towels, white sheets, white furniture, white frames... ok ok I like color too.. but I like white.. Here's some inspirations...