Wine Glasses

I'm over 100 glasses!! Been buying un-matching ones at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales... Its actually cheaper than renting them.. And a lot more fun!

Garage Sales

So I dont go to garage sales much here in Jacksonville. But when I was in South Carolina, I went with Irina on an early Saturday morning. We found some cool stuff!! Lets see.. we found more glasses for .25 a piece. Found some frames. Some cowgirl boots, a pair for me and a pair for Ella, for only .50!! Yeah!! And found a guy that has a whole collection of vintage camera's.. yeah i got his number ;)

The boots I got Ella for .50!!

 The collection of camera's this guy had.

 The two I bought from him.

 This one I bought back in May at a thrift store for $4

And the day after I got all of this for $5 at the flea market :)

White Pitcher

The day we went to garage sales with Irina. She found this white pitcher for .25. Only after we got home mom showed it to me and said Irina let her have it and she gave it to me :) Check out how many cool things you can do with white pitchers!! I think they're so pretty and such a great addition to a home.

The one I now have..

You can use them as a vase..

or just collect them...


South Carolina!!

So we're doing the wedding in South Carolina (if you havent heard) and I spent a whole week there planning the wedding with my great and wonderful planner Irina! :) Here's some things we took care of...

Irina found this chandelier for us on craigslist. Isnt it beautiful? And I let her hang it in her house till the wedding. I think it looks fantastic with her new bookshelf!

One of the days we went out and got a bunch of stumps for the wedding!! Love them!!


Engagement Pictures

God is sooo good to us!! So last weekend when we were going up to Atlanta with our youth. Valik was supposed to pick me up and take me to South Carolina for a day so that we could take care of wedding stuff.
It so happened that our friend Dina Chmut was also doing a wedding in Atlanta and needed a ride to South Carolina. It all worked out perfectly. We were blessed to have Dina do our engagement pictures at THE barn we're getting married at!! I cant wait to see all of them. But here's some she emailed me for the save the dates...



Check out all the cool jars Irina has been collecting for me... we will be using them for center pieces at reception and some for the ceremony aisle..


The Barn

We have found THE barn!! Closest to my dream and best price for us. And its in South Carolina (beautiful, gorgeous, amazing place). And the weather should be perfect in September for an outside and in the barn wedding. I'm so excited!!! Thank you Irina for finding it :)