Picnic Tables

Till last minute.. we didnt know if we were gonna have the nice wooden picnic tables.. But God tests our faith sometimes. We got this wood 3 days before the wedding. My awesome brothers built them in less than two days. We enjoyed using them at the wedding and they are all sold now!! Praise God!!

Moms are awesome!!

Did have a chance to post this before the wedding.. but here's a few pix of my awesome mom finishing up my dress. She sewed the beads on by hand :) she did an amazing job!!



My collection keeps growing!!! Love it! :) I met with Dina for lunch today and she gave me another gift :) :) :)


South Carolina Trip

Valik and I just got back from SC Saturday night.. We had to make a trip up there to make some decisions like what apartment we're gonna live in and what hotel we want to stay at and take most of the wedding stuff to irina. Overall we thought we'd stay there much longer but God blessed everything and we got done earlier than expected :) praise God!! And here's a few pix from our trip...

We packed the car full. Trunk and the whole backseat!

 Off we go!!

Stopped by Savannah and here's a nice spot we found to just chill....

And here are the apartments we found with God's help. They are gated and really pretty when you drive in.. its like driving into a park. And the cool thing is, they are close to everything! Walmart at the end of this street, all restaurants and stores on the main road off this street. Airport is like 10 min away. Greenville downtown is 10 min away. Right next to 85 and 385. We're happy :)
 One of the pools there..

 There's our apartment being redone. Nice part is they are 30 years old, so all the trees have grown out and the complex is paid off so they always improving it. The one we're gonna live in is being completely redone. Brand new everything! 

Irina found these wildflowers that we're gonna use for our wedding.. They match perfectly, they wont cost us anything and they last a long time too even without water (lol Irina tried it)

 And here's my sexy man :) 


Country Tea Party

I love my girls!! Love my friends :) And I had the best bridal shower I could ask for. It was small and intimate, with most of my close friends, decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious, the gifts were just right. Here's tons of pictures from it.. couldnt decide which ones to post...

Bridal Shower Invites

Look how adorable my bridal shower invites were!!! My bridesmaids got together and made them... I think they are super cute!! I love them! Thank you girls! You're the best!


No a vegetarian anymore...

Yep as of August 23rd I'm not a vegetarian anymore... Valik talked me into it.. lol jk I made the decision myself (well with his encouragement)


Marriage License

We got our marriage license!! Woohoo!! (BTW we learned that you cant take floridas marriage license and get married in south carolina.. you have to do a ceremony in florida. Yep we found out after we paid and everything.. so get your license where you plan to get married)



God-willing this is how our honeymoon is gonna go.. Kinda. I had to subtract a few places because google maps limits you on how many places you can place on your route.. But here's the rough draft.. Super excited about it!!

Lace Veil

I stopped by the thrift store, that near my house, last week... and found this gorgeous veil!! Well I was looking for this lace everywhere because I need it for the sleeves for my dress.. and I found the lace on a veil at the thrift store! Yep!And guess how much I paid for it?! :) $1! This lace is really hard to find and its really expensive too.
God is good!!