Country Tea Party

I love my girls!! Love my friends :) And I had the best bridal shower I could ask for. It was small and intimate, with most of my close friends, decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious, the gifts were just right. Here's tons of pictures from it.. couldnt decide which ones to post...

Bridal Shower Invites

Look how adorable my bridal shower invites were!!! My bridesmaids got together and made them... I think they are super cute!! I love them! Thank you girls! You're the best!


No a vegetarian anymore...

Yep as of August 23rd I'm not a vegetarian anymore... Valik talked me into it.. lol jk I made the decision myself (well with his encouragement)


Marriage License

We got our marriage license!! Woohoo!! (BTW we learned that you cant take floridas marriage license and get married in south carolina.. you have to do a ceremony in florida. Yep we found out after we paid and everything.. so get your license where you plan to get married)



God-willing this is how our honeymoon is gonna go.. Kinda. I had to subtract a few places because google maps limits you on how many places you can place on your route.. But here's the rough draft.. Super excited about it!!

Lace Veil

I stopped by the thrift store, that near my house, last week... and found this gorgeous veil!! Well I was looking for this lace everywhere because I need it for the sleeves for my dress.. and I found the lace on a veil at the thrift store! Yep!And guess how much I paid for it?! :) $1! This lace is really hard to find and its really expensive too.
God is good!!

Wedding Invitations

Invitations came last week.. and with trying to mail them, traveling and editing tons of pictures I forgot to post them here.. I'm sure ya'll have all gotten them in the mail.. but here they are..


Bike Basket

My bike basket came in long ago.. forgot to update you guys about it :) I think it looks awesome!


New York Trip #2

So this past weekend I was privileged to go up to New York for the second time this summer.. And we made the most of it.. (as always :) Here's a few pictures from the trip.. enjoy!

Yes Valik spoils me :) he surprised me with our favorite perfume and the lens we ordered came in just in time for Saturdays wedding..

He prepared breakfast for me in the morning :)  then took me to his special spots in PA and we tried out the new lens..

And then after getting his haircut and doing his laundry, we went to NYC

Next day we photographed Andre & Katya's wedding together :) we make a great team!!

And on Sunday we slept in at our new friends house.. and they served us delicious breakfast in their beautiful gazebo surrounded by a gorgeous backyard

Then we went to church for lunch and to mingle with friends.. but on the way to church we saw these awesome places..

And then we saw cool people at lunch :)

Yep this is inside Utica church lol ;)

saw another beautiful field on our way to PA!!