New York Trip #2

So this past weekend I was privileged to go up to New York for the second time this summer.. And we made the most of it.. (as always :) Here's a few pictures from the trip.. enjoy!

Yes Valik spoils me :) he surprised me with our favorite perfume and the lens we ordered came in just in time for Saturdays wedding..

He prepared breakfast for me in the morning :)  then took me to his special spots in PA and we tried out the new lens..

And then after getting his haircut and doing his laundry, we went to NYC

Next day we photographed Andre & Katya's wedding together :) we make a great team!!

And on Sunday we slept in at our new friends house.. and they served us delicious breakfast in their beautiful gazebo surrounded by a gorgeous backyard

Then we went to church for lunch and to mingle with friends.. but on the way to church we saw these awesome places..

And then we saw cool people at lunch :)

Yep this is inside Utica church lol ;)

saw another beautiful field on our way to PA!!

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