Garage Sales

So I dont go to garage sales much here in Jacksonville. But when I was in South Carolina, I went with Irina on an early Saturday morning. We found some cool stuff!! Lets see.. we found more glasses for .25 a piece. Found some frames. Some cowgirl boots, a pair for me and a pair for Ella, for only .50!! Yeah!! And found a guy that has a whole collection of vintage camera's.. yeah i got his number ;)

The boots I got Ella for .50!!

 The collection of camera's this guy had.

 The two I bought from him.

 This one I bought back in May at a thrift store for $4

And the day after I got all of this for $5 at the flea market :)

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  1. Igor and I love going to garage sales and collecting old rusty vintage books. The camera's look really cute. :)